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Eco Church

Our Environmental Commitment and work with the Eco Church movement.

Back in 2021 the Church agreed to put some of its resources into finding how it can reduce its carbon footprint and how we can encourage our members to do the same with their own ‘footprints’.

A group committed to this got together and worked for a year with the Eco Church movement, supported by the charitable company A Rocha.


We had access to resources which helped us look at what we were communicating in worship, bible study and other ways, the carbon consumption of our buildings and land, and our place in the local community as an example.

After a year we had brought the environment and God’s creation more into church services, we had established a bee and insect friendly flower meadow on our Kelfield land, and begun to address sone of the ways our several buildings can be better insulated and use less fossil fuels. We were awarded an Eco Church bronze award for our efforts so far.

Current efforts include more actions on our Kelfield land to encourage biodiversity, with a bug hotel provided by the local Council and a plot of land being developed for community food growing.


We have decided to switch our power supplies from autumn 2023 to renewable sources so far as we can.  We will be looking at other steps we can take, and would like more members of the Church community to join us.

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