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If the answer to any of these questions is YES then you should think seriously about becoming a Member of the Church.

Ask yourself

Do I think of myself as Christian?

Do I believe in God?

Do other people think of me as Christian?

Am I prepared to work for Christ in the Church and in the world?

Do I go to Church?

Isn’t it time I committed myself to Jesus?

Do I want others to come to Church?

What will it mean?

By becoming a member you are publicly acknowledging your decision to follow Christ and that you are prepared to work and witness to bring others to know Jesus.


By joining the fellowship of the Church you may learn and grow in the Christian life. Members are able to support one another both spiritually and practically.


That you intend to live your life as God intended and with the full responsibilities of Christian discipleship.


That you become a member not only of the local Methodist Church but also of the world-wide Church.


That you become eligible for certain posts of responsibility within the life of the Church.

You may have heard it said

“I am a Christian but I don’t want to belong to a Church”

It’s hard to be a Christian in isolation. Christians belong together. It’s not about conforming but supporting one another. Jesus chose his disciples to be with him, to go out for him. The Church is there to nurture your growth into faith.

“I’m not good enough”

No one is, but by working and witnessing together we can help each other to grow in grace and travel the path of Christian discipleship.

“My faith isn’t strong enough”

Faith becomes stronger the more we question and seek the will of God.  Membership classes or small group, should strengthen your faith.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Church member and/or would like to join a membership exploration group please speak to the Minister.

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